MFI SCRIPT 2 FILM postponed and transformed due to covid19

Following closely the developments concerning the COVID19 spread in Europe and the world, Mediterranean Film Institute decided to postpone the dates of the MFI Script 2 Film Workshops for a bit later.

Based on the data we have today, the 1st session of the workshops will be held in Nisyros at some point during the last two weeks of July and it will last roughly until the first week of August. The session will be residential for the Greek participants and online for the rest. We are waiting to hear the travel & hotel accommodation guidelines in Greece and we hope that they will allow for the biggest possible participation without jeopardizing safety.

Furthermore, Mediterranean Film Institute has decided to reduce the fees for the program by 50% in order to meet the real needs of the audiovisual sector which is now under major financial stress & uncertainty.

We are waiting to see how things unfold to issue further clarifications.

MFI SCRIPT 2 FILM WORKSHOPS is an advanced training program offering a platform for the effective script & project development of European & international FEATURE FILMS, SERIES PROJECTS & FEATURE DOCUMENTARIES.

It consists of 4 intensive workshop sessions per year, based on group work, Q&Α sessions, case studies & individual consultations, and offers a global development methodology for participating projects. More info here.