MEDIA Desk Serbia

MEDIA Desk Serbia is implementation body of the Creative Europe MEDIA subprogramme which is formed within Film Center Serbia.

The task of the MEDIA desk is to support operators in audiovisual and multimedia sector in Serbia to participate in the MEDIA sub-programme. Through the consultations, public events and educational activities organized, the MEDIA desk informs about the possibilities provided by the MEDIA subprogram promote the subprogram itself and offers free support and advice in the process of application and implementation of the projects.

MEDIA desk team

Nevena Negojevic, Coordinator of the MEDIA Desk Serbia
Ana Cosic, Financial Coordinator
Una Domazetoski, Project Manager
Andjelija Andric, Project Assistant

Who we help

MEDIA desk Serbia offers free advices and support to Serbia-based applicants of Creative Europe MEDIA subprogram. MEDIA desk Serbia supports companies, organizations and institutions working in film, television and new media and offer funding, training and networking opportunities for producers, video game developers, distributors, sales agents, audiovisual trining providers, organisers of festivals, markets and networks, film education specialists and cinema exhibitiors.