MEDIA Calls for Proposals for financing AV projects are published

MEDIA desk Serbia announce that all Calls for Proposals within MEDIA Sub-programme are now open for submission of project proposals.

Creative Europe MEDIA supports European audiovisual sector by investing into development, distribution and promotion of European audiovisual work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders; it funds training and film development schemes.

Financing is available in several categories, including: supporting producers to develop innovative and competitive projects in the fields of film, TV and video games, support for the distribution of European audiovisual works, audience development and professional development and networking.

For published Calls for Proposals for the following actions, no major content changes were introduced:

  • Training (Framework Partnership agreement renewal for the third year)
  • Development Single
  • Development Slate Funding
  • Development Video Games
  • Television Programming
  • Cinema Network
  • Distribution Selective

The actions for which more substantial changes were introduced are the following:

  • International Coproduction Funds (EACEA-29-2019): In 2019, the call proposed to select projects with two years of duration in order to offer a stable environment to the selected funds until the end of the programme. However, no admissible project was submitted to cover the distribution aspect. Therefore a specific call will be launched in 2020 in order to select a co-production fund concentrating only on the distribution support for films co-produced between a European and third country.
  • Automatic Support (EACEA-22-2019): In the 2020 call the Automatic Distribution and Sales Agent schemes will be merged into one single call with 2 separate actions. The scheme will function as in 2019: generation of an award based on past performance and reinvestment in eligible activities.
  • Online Promotion (EACEA-23-2019): In the Action 1the % of co-financing has been decreased from 60% to 40% of the total eligible costs; personnel costs from 30% to 25% max of the total eligible costs and, in order to be closer with the requirement of the new AVMS Directive, the European dimension of the catalogue has been reduced from 50% to 40%. Besides, “the increase cross-border collaboration between European VOD services” has been deleted from the paragraph related to Eligible Activities. This element remains an important item of the Call for proposals but will be at the heart of the new Action 2. Following the poor results of the previous “Support to the development of Online Ready packages”, a new Action 2 “Collaboration across borders between European VOD services” has been developed to increase cross-border collaboration between existing European VOD services and improving their quality and competitiveness.
  • Film Education (EACEA-25-2019): the 2020 call will focus again on more classical partnership projects aiming at a better cooperation between film education initiatives in Europe and to develop new and innovative projects, especially using digital tools. The call is also open to support possible evolutions of the catalogue of European films for schools supported within the 2019 call.
  • Film Festival Support (EACEA-26-2019): an additional action in favour of collaboration activities has been introduced. The call will be divided between Action 1 for individual support and Action 2 for networks of festivals. The new Action 2, with an additional dedicated budget of EUR 500.000 is targeting European Networks of Festivals taking place in countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme aiming to further develop effective collaboration and partnerships across borders and to elaborate strategies for joint activities in order to expand interest for European audio-visual works. This action is open to a European network comprising of a coordination entity and a minimum of 3 member organisations established in different participating countries.
  • Market Access (EACEA-27-2019): following the deletion of former Action 2 – Online tools encouraging business to business exchanges (transferred with budget to Promotion of European Works Online) were listed as ineligible. In order to ensure the cost-effectiveness of supported projects, the requirements for clear budget proposals is strengthened within the award criterion 2. Quality of the content and activities as follows: Cost efficiency of the action taking into account the amount of forecast budget and in relation with the number of non-national participants, projects and days as well as sustainability of the co-financing strategy.


  • Single Project Development (EACEA-17-2019): 13.11.2019. or 14.05.2020 at 17h;
  • Slate Project Development (EACEA-18.2019): 04.02.2020. at 17h;
  • Video Game Development (EACEA-19-2019): 12.02.2020. at 17h;
  • TV Program (EACEA-20-2019): 28.11.2019. or 14.05.2020. at 17h;
  • Cinema Networks (EACEA-24-2019): 28.05.2020. at 17h;
  • Distribution – Selective Support (EACEA-21-2019): 10.12.2019. and 16.06.2020. at 17h;
  • Co-production Fund (EACEA-29-2019): 15.01.2020. at 17h;
  • Automatic Support (EACEA-22-2019): 08.09.2020. at 17h;
  • Online Promotion (EACEA-23-2019): 07.04.2020. at 17h;
  • Film Education (EACEA-25-2019): 12.03.2020. at 17h;
  • Film Festivals (EACEA-26-2019): 21.11.2019. or 23.04.2020. at 17h;
  • Market Access (EACEA-27-2019): 06.02.2020. at 17h.

More information in the site section Open Calls.

For additional information, clarifications and for scheduling individual consultations regarding project applications, please contact the MEDIA Desk Serbia.