How to apply

Before you apply, carefully read all instructions related to the specific Call for Proposal within the MEDIA subprogramme.

In order to apply to the Creative Europe Programme, organisations, institutions and companies should create a separate EACAS/EU LogIn account (European Commission Authentication Service Account) through which they will go through the process of applying. This does not apply to participants which already have their own account used when applying to previous programmes of the EU.

EU Login (the former ECAS) is the European Commission’s authentication service. It is the gateway that allows authorised users to access various information systems managed by the Commission with just an email address and a password. In order to create EU Login account please visit the ECAS page.

After all checks are made and the account is created, each organization, institution or company should register on the Participant Portal, and afterwards they will receive a special identification code (Participant Identification Code PIC). PIC is a 9-digit number serving as a unique identifier for organisations (legal entities) participating in EU funding programmes. You only need to obtain PIC once, after that you will be able to use the same PIC Number to download and submit multiple e-Forms within various european funding programs.

Creating the electronic form

Creating the electronic form (eForm) implies several steps:

  1. Go to:
  2. Choose the programme of financial support
  3. Choose the funding scheme
  4. Choose the language of application
  5. Choose the applicant through entering PIC number
  6. Create the application form
  7. Saving the e-form on your computer.

You should bear in mind that the steps must be performed in continuity. Namely, it is not possible to stop the process of creating an electronic form and continue later. In the case of closing the Internet window in which the form is being filled in or the entire browser, the already entered data will be lost and it will be necessary to repeat the entire process.

Submitting Applications

Before you start filling in the e-form, you need to test the connection by pressing the Test connection button located in the bottom of the page. It is enough to test connection once.

After the filling in of e-form, it is necessary to enclose the requested annexes. For each Call for Proposal within the MEDIA subprogram, there are necessary annexes that need to be attached to the e-form.  Information regarding necessary annexes can be found on the EACEA website (Creative Europe / MEDIA / Call for Proposals and Guidelines / How to apply – Annexes). Necessary annexes may vary depending on the Call for proposal. Also for some annexes there are mandatory templates to be used.

After filling in the electronic form and adding annexes, all attached documents should be confirmed. The confirmation initiates automatic checking of documents, followed by a notification about whether the application form is complete. If it is, the form is submitted online

After this, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the number of submission. If you do not receive this e-mail, contact the Helpdesk at:

In the case of other technical problems you should also refer to Helpdesk.

For all questions and assistance when applying, you should contact the MEDIA Desk Serbia.