Call for Proposals A call for proposals is a funding round by which the funding is allocated for each scheme. A call for proposals is generally published around 3 months before the deadline. When it is published, normally this means that the new guidelines and e-form are available and you can therefore start completing your application. For most funding schemes or strands, there is one call for proposals each year.
Creative documentaries Creative documentaries take a real-life subject as their starting point but require substantial original writing and set out an author’s and/or director’s point of view. Creative Europe support will not be granted for any other form of documentary, in particular, news programmes and magazine shows, talk shows, reality shows, “docusoaps”, or educational, teaching and “how-to” programmes.
Non national European Film In the MEDIA sub-programme distribution schemes – a film that originates from the territory different from that of the distributor or sales agent.
Young audiences For the MEDIA sub-programme Development and TV Programming schemes this relates to audiences under 16. For the Video Games scheme this relates to audiences under 12.