Support to Cinema Network

Training, networks and access to markets

The aim of this program is to support the transnational circulation of European audiovisual works by providing support to cinema networks.

The MEDIA support provides to cinema owners and cinema operators to show a significant number of European non-national films. It contributes to the development of audiences’ interest in non-national films through educational and promotional activities aimed at young people. Assist cinemas to adapt their rapidly changing strategies to the environment, including the introduction and promotion of innovative approaches in terms of offering them, interacting with audiences and potential partnerships with other actors in the film industry. It encourages the exchange of knowledge and good practices among network members.  It contributes to the development of cultural policies relating to the film industry by encouraging the dissemination of network activity results to other cinemas that are not part of the film industry.

The expected results of this competition are:

  • Increased presentation of European non-national films
  • The development of a new, young audience
  • Increased competitiveness of European cinemas.