Access to Market

Training, networks and access to markets

The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support to activities aiming at:

  • facilitating European and international co-productions including short films, video games, television series and cross media;
  • facilitating access to professional audiovisual trade events and markets and the use of online business tools inside and outside Europe;
  • facilitating circulation of European works, including shorts, in Europe and worldwide on all platforms in all formats.

The MEDIA Sub-programme encourages Access to Markets actions taking place in and outside countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme. The operational objectives of the MEDIA Access to Markets Support scheme are to facilitate business to business exchanges, having as expected results and impact:

  • to improve the European/international dimension and effectiveness of existing large industry markets and to increase the systemic impact of smaller initiatives;
  • to increase the visibility of professionals and A/V works from European countries with a low production capacity and to enhance cultural diversity;
  • to encourage the development of networks and increase the number of European co-productions and a greater diversification of talents and sources of funding;
  • to improve the competitiveness and circulation of European A/V works on international markets;
  • to ensure that Europe’s AV industry is taking full advantage of digitisation;
  • to foster talent, creativity and innovation.