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Without (Bez)

Within the second deadline of this year’s MEDIA Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Project 2019 (Call EACEA/22/2018), the production company Non Aligned Films received support for the development of documentary “Without” in the amount of 25,000 euros. Luka Papić’s documentary focuses on the painter Aleksandar Denić. This exceptional and in many ways unique protagonist is our guide on a comic journey, in which he gives us his vision of Serbia in a socio-political and emotional context. Denić is stuck in a constant transition, in a country where the past collides with the present every day, where the church clashes with the remnants of communism, and cheap new construction is sprouting on the ancient remnants of architecture. Wandering through these fragments of reality, it seems that both Aleksandar and Serbia are looking for their identities. The film is being co-produced with Ranch production and Cinnerent. The project was supported by the Film Center of Serbia.