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Twice Upon a Time (Bio dvaput jedan kralj)

Once – actually, Twice Upon a Time, is a story about a king with a split personality. The barbaric King Warrior, coarse, but fearless, whose world is made of cardboard, and where scotch tape mends both shoes and fractures – is one half of the King’s personality. The other half is a tactful and refined King Poet who rules the world of paper, where decoupage is a way of life and where hearts can literally get crushed. Although the two halves are quite different, they manage to maintain peace and harmony of their kingdoms thanks to their Queens who love them dearly despite the kings’ clashing personalities.

But one day, a two-headed Dragon arrives and sets fire to both worlds. While King Poet is trying to come up with the most sorrowful of poems to crush the Dragon’s heart – for which he uses all the paper and ink of his world, King Warrior, in order to make his war machines, is cutting down trees and confiscating all the scotch tape – thus tearing down his kingdom. Given their opposing views on how to fight the Dragon, the kings realize that they cannot face the beast before they have ridden themselves of their “worse” halves. A series of comical, both helpful and not-so-helpful, characters are summoned to aid the “separation.” The King’s inner conflict escalates during the final stand-off with the two-headed dragon.

The cunning Dragon avoids the fight with the King and sends the two halves into a battle against each other, a battle that will decide the fate of both worlds. The kings set their whole armies against each other. As the characters of one world cannot see those of the other, each side ends up running down an empty field. When things get out of hand, and the soldiers, having no visible enemies, start cutting themselves in two, the King has to realize that he is no better than the rest, and that the halves have to finally team up so as to save the entire world from destruction of their own making.

Author: Vojin Vasović

Producers: Vojin Vasović i Marko Jocić