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Trail of the beast (Trag divljači)

It is year of 1979. Yugoslav is a thirty-five-year leading journalist of the Yugoslav weekly. In a country where media are state controlled there is little room for independent journalism but Yugoslav still strive to explore challenging stories. BLAGOJE is a retired policeman from the National Security Service, broken by health problems and tormented by dreams of LAPOT -a local ritual in which sons kill their neglected fathers. The paths of Yugoslav and Blagoje cross each other when sudden suicide and brutal murder shake up a small town in the east Serbia, Blagoje’s hometown. Yugoslav and Blagoje come to the small town to investigate the case.

In the picturesque surroundings of the Serbian town, Yugoslavia meets Blagoje’s children, the dissident ALJOSH and SONJA, married without love to Blagoje’s war buddy who is the victim of a brutal murder. Through investigation Yugoslav and Sonja fall in love and this further narrows his power of reasoning. As the murder investigation develop, Yugoslav reaveals a whole web of secrets, intimate and political betrayals in whichc Blagoje’s family is involved discovering the role of Blagoje in the Red Terror that happened in this area shortly after its liberation in 1944. Seeking for a challenging story, Yugoslavia came across the Communist Heart of darkness. The mystery is revealed in an unusual way – underneath the politics and ideologies lies personal trauma and sin of the Lapot pulling heroes toward their harsh end.

Producer: Aleksandar Avramovic
Director: Pavlovic Nenad
Genre: Fiction