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The Black Wedding (Crna svadba)

Intrigued by the stories about the black wedding custom, which merges the rituals pertaining to wedding and funeral into one, the film’s director finally comes into possession of authentic video material after years of research.

The director also comes to an unforeseen realization that the black wedding of the deceased Miki Kušljić marked the lives of three generations of women who took part in it: the black bride who became a wife and a widow at the same time, the niece who was only 4 at the time of her initiation into the custom-related activities, and the mother who performed these custom-related activities.

During their life-time they all had to face with the grate loss. We will follow how this event that happened 25 years ago reflect to their today life. That way the black wedding becomes only the frame for the much deeper story, and the introduction into the family drama.

Producer: Jovana Nikolic
Director: Dragan Nikolic
Genre: documentary