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Art & Popcorn: Slate funding 2017.

The project anticipates the development of several films produced by Miroslav Mogorovic and his production company Art & Popcorn. Support was awarded for projects: Strahinja, The Living, The Heart of Darkness and The Ways of Wine. Living is based is written and directed by Vuk Ršumović, known for his debut film No one Child. Heart of Darkness will be directed by Stevan Filipovic, based on a script co-written by Stevan Filipovic and Jasmina Kallay. Strahinja is based on a script signed by Nicolas Ducray, Bojan Vuletic and Stefan Arsenijevic, directed by the last. Ways of Wine is a remake of the Argentinian comedy El camino del vino and will be directed and written by Zoran Lisinac.