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Shadows of Mediterranean (Senke Mediterana)

After years of travelling as a street artist, motionless sculpture, Lazar finds himself on small Mediterranean island. The Island, constantly facing menacing volcano, has survived few cataclysms in its history. Picturesque white houses defy dark and barren volcanic soil. Islands life happens with no regards to constant danger: rivers of tourists are visiting Island in search of self-oblivion. Lazar starts to miss home, but his departure from Island is complicated by inability to properly communicate with Island’s administration. We follow tiresome work on collecting documents which should enable Lazar’s departure. Meetings with administration clerks become more and more peculiar, and Lazar feels trapped in twisted Kafkian reality from which there’s no escape. Concurrently it seems that collecting documents helps him gain insight into his own life and everything he forgot about himself. Lazar goes to different offices, constantly carrying heavy box containing his entire documentation, only to realize escaping into some other life’s impossible because we always carry ourselves with us everywhere we go. This story, unusual in its content, reminds us that love is the strongest bond among people and there is no true freedom without true responsibility for other people. We are kept in suspense about outcome of Lazar’s long journey: will he return home, leaving escapist paradise of the Sunny Mediterranean or will he stay trapped on beautiful island that is not his home? Who are the strange administration clerks, and what they actually do for Lazar? Are we the entire greatest secret to ourselves?