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Sense Production: Slate funding 2019

Slate of projects includes a drama series, two feature films and a short film.

Turbo is an ongoing high-end gangster drama series about the most unorganized criminals in the world of organized crime. It’s set in Yugoslavia at the dawn of the war in 1991. The show is envisioned as an 8 x 50-minute drama series with material for 3+ seasons, primarily aimed at international (S)VOD distribution.

Forever Hold Your Peace (Živi i zdravi) is a heart-warming feature comedy of mentality dealing with the position of women in the patriarchal setting of rural Montenegro. It’s the second film by our dear friend and writer/director Ivan Marinović, with whom we collaborated on his debut THE BLACK PIN. The film is a co-production between Serbia, Montenegro, primarily intended for cinema distribution.

Showtime is a feel-good family feature film. Set in the snowy Alps, Showtime is a fun and touching story of a brother and sister’s reconciliation during a TV talent show. It’ll be our second adventure into live-action children/family content and the first-ever ‘holiday film’ in Serbian cinema. It’s a co-production between Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Germany, primarily intended for cinema distribution.

Goalgetter (Golgeter) is a short film by emerging talent Ivan Stojiljković, with whom we’ve already produced several music videos and whose debut feature we plan to start developing next year.

Producers: Milan Stojanovic, Marija Stojanovic, Maja Popovic
– Turbo (TV series, fiction): Milica Zivanovic, Boris Grurovic, Matijas Nerlih
– Forever hold your peace (film, fiction): Ivan Marinovic
– Goalgetter (TV series, fiction): Ivan Stojiljkovic