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50,000.00 €

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Single Project Development

Ref. no.

EACEA 18/2015

Guardians of the formula (Čuvari formule)

Guardians of the Formula, a movie by director Dragan Bjelogrlic and screenplay writer Vuk Rsumovic, tells an extraordinary story about the first case of bone marrow transplantation in the world and Tito’s secret atomic bomb project which has remained unknown until now. In 1958, at a time of global fear of atomic bombs, a French doctor, Mathé, receives a scholarship to find a cure for radiation illness. In Yugoslavia, a physicist, Popović, is working on a secret project – the atomic bomb. Mathé’s tests with bone marrow do not go as planned and Popović is close to the goal. But in one of the final experiments he is irradiated with a lethal dose of uranium, together with his team of scientists, and they are all sent to the Curie Experimental Clinic in Paris.