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Aunts (Tetke)

AUNTS gathers four world-renown women, all feminist artists and directors for a project examining the actual state of womanhood. Kim Longinoto, Mirjana Karanović, Šeila Kamerić and Andrea Štaka are full of questions: Why aren’t we able to save the status acquired by our mothers and grandmothers? Didn’t the women’s liberation and equality movement move us forward? The questions of abortion, different working conditions, new taboos of the female body, women health issues etc. Why do we have to prove the same points over again?

Each AUNTS director shoots a short film, conversations and experiences in a recognizable handwriting and poetics to open a dialogue between two generations of women.

Andrea Štaka is interested in exploring the lack of communication between younger and older generations, by investigating family secrets and taboos. Mirjana Karanović is investigating female body, through the story of a famous Serbian dancer and generations of women in her family. Šejla Kamerić focuses on the relationships between the female body and politics, through the conversation and meetings that she started with three young North African writers. Kim Longinotto inquiries about sex-selective abortion in Greece.

As the filmmakers regularly meet to discuss their topics, we entangle their creative voices into a life-affirming scream, inviting fruitful discussion about the place of women in the 21st century. These conversations, and recordings of them at work form a critical part of the patchwork of topics that AUNTS addresses, mapping contemporary female existence.

The four primary subjects will be joined by other contemporary women, whom they film or invite into the conversation through pictures, music, poetry etc. And they will be joined by the voices of women from the past, brought to life through archive. Colliding the past and present, our goal is not to provide answers, but to ask questions that stir debate, to create a collective autobiography of female activism.

Directors: Šejla Kamerić, Mirjana Karanović, Kim Longinotto, Andrea Štaka

Producer: Biljana Tutorov

Author: Biljana Tutorov

Genre: Documentary