Dribbling Pictures

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25,000.00 €

Call for Proposal

Single Project Development

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And now what, and then what (A šta sad, a šta tad)

Within the second deadline of this year’s MEDIA Support for Development of Audiovisual Content – Single Project 2019 (Call EACEA/22/2018), the production company Dribbling Pictures received funding for the development of the documentary “And now what, and then what” in the amount of 25,000 euros. This new impossible documentary by Boris Mitic (“In Praise of Nothing” and “Goodbye, How Are You?”) talks about the sweet curse of parenthood in a 90-minute frame, with a handful of special effects. The film is a co-production of Dribbling Pictures (Serbia), Anti-Apsurd (Croatia) and Le Bete (France). This is the third time for Dribbling Pictures to receive support from the MEDIA sub-program. Boris Mitic’s previous film “In Praise of Nothing” was supported by the MEDIA through TV Programming Scheme, while the new Mila Turajlic’s film “The Labudovic Reels” was supported through Single Project Development Scheme.