14 Distributors

Approved funding

102,648.00 €

Call for Proposal

Support to Cinema Network

Ref. no.

EACEA /50/2018

14 Film Distributors

The aim of the “Selective scheme” is to encourage and support the wider distribution of recent non-national European films by encouraging sales agents and theatrical distributors to invest in promotion and adequate distribution of non-national European films. The activities to be funded are campaigns for the pan-European distribution of eligible European films, outside their country of origin, coordinated by the sales agent of the film. A minimum of 7 different distributors must be attached to the project: at least 3 from high/medium capacity countries and at least 2 from small/very small capacity countries.

Through national distributors coordinated by an international sales representative, € 102,648.00 was invested in the distribution of European non-national films.