12 Cinemas

Approved funding

88,582.00 €

Call for Proposal

Support to Cinema Network

Ref. no.

EACEA /50/2018

12 Cinemas (2019)

Europa Cinemas is the only network supported by MEDIA sub-programs. It provides financial and organizational support to cinemas across Europe promoting European cinema. The network comprises more than 1200 cinemas coming from 43 countries.

In 2019, through the Europa Cinemas Network, the MEDIA sub-program supported a total of 12 cinemas in Serbia in the amount of € 88,582 for the European program realized during 2018. Supported cinemas include: Novi Sad Cultural Center, Art Cinema Museum, Dorana Dom Sindikat, Doran Cultural Center Belgrade, Fontana, Tuckwood Cineplex, Cacak Cultural Center, Leskovac Cultural Center Cinema, Vilin Grad Cinema, LM Cinema, EuroCinema Cinema and Cine Grand Capitol Park Rakovica.