#euFilmContest – 4th edition: Test your knowledge and join the competition!

Love European Films? Test your knowledge and join the competition! Creative Europe MEDIA has 10 trips to the Cannes Film Festival in May 2020 to win, travel and hotel included. This will be your chance to get a glimpse into the European audiovisual sector and meet film professionals.

There are 20 questions to be answered, and for every correct answer you get one point.

You get an extra point if you follow @MEDIAprogEU on Twitter and/or @CreativeEuropeEU on Facebook (maximum one point). If you do, make sure to mention your social media account in the contact form.

The 10 winners will be selected as follows:

  • The 10 contestants with the highest score win.
  • If contestants are tied:
    • First, the filtering question will be applied to select the 40 contestants whose response was closest to the final number of participants.
    • For those 40 contestants, a panel will review the responses to the final questions to choose the final 10 winners. The panel will take into account two aspects: 1) their passion for cinema and motivation for the trip (to make sure that truly motivated film lovers win the contest) and 2) their nationality, as there can be only one winner per country.

Deadline: 26 March 2020

You may submit up to three entries, but you can only win once.

You must be free between 15 and 17 May 2020, the dates on which the winners will be travelling to Cannes. The winners will be announced in the beginning of April 2020.

Start the competition now!