Debate: Gender equality in European Audiovisual Sector

Gender-based inequalities have been identified at all levels of the
industry, be it gender pay gaps, the glass ceiling, (sexual)
harassment, lack of distribution of female-driven content, the list
goes on. One of the biggest obstacles to gender equality in the sector
is the lack of presence of women on decision-making bodies such as
artistic directors of film festivals or commissioning editors.

Fest Forward 2019, Belgrade Serbia
: Gender equality in European Audiovisual Sector
Date: 1st March 2019, 14:30 – 15:30
Place: Yugoslav Film Archive, Multi hall, 2nd floor
Organized by: MEDIA Desk Serbia

Women in the industry are often under-represented, and treated and
described in a manner contrary to respect and dignity. Despite all the
obstacles confronting them, women film-makers still make a constant
and striking contribution to the industry.

Taking this into account, Eurimages embraced the aim of achieving
equal distribution of co-production funding between women and men by
the year 2020 (2018-2020 Gender Equality Strategy – “Aiming for 50/50
by 2020).

New Creative Europe MEDIA program (2021 – 2027) will also be dedicated
to the promotion of gender equality and achieving more balanced gender
participation. They recognized the strategic importance of gender
diversity in order to sustain a rich, highly creative audio-visual

All this developments give us positive framework regarding the
direction in which European Audiovisual Industry is going. This debate
should contribute to this, but it should also shed some light on how
these efforts impact on everyday life of women, both, those behind and
in front camera.

Susan Newman (Euroimages-Project Manager), Laura Briand (LES FILMS D’ICI-Producer), Roshanak Behesht Nedjad (In good copany- Founder, Managing director and producer),  Snezana van Houwelingen (This and That Production-Founder and producer) and Nevena Negojević (MEDIA desk Serbia)