Coronavirus threatens European film

Portal Cineurope has published an overview of the film events that have been cancelled or postponed owing to the measures adopted by various European governments to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

The fear of the coronavirus outbreak keeps wreaking havoc across the world, and the European film industry is certainly no stranger to its repercussions. After the alarm was first raised in other sectors, it is now the film industry’s turn to suffer cancellations, postponements and reorganisations due to the measures being adopted by various European governments. As the number of infections escalates quickly all across the continent and the authorities attempt to stop it from growing any bigger, film bodies in charge of organising film festivals, markets and other events are being forced to modify them and adapt them to the current situation.

Here is the list of events cancelled or postponed so far:

(As of 16 March)

(As of 13 March)

(As of 12 March)

(As of 11 March)