Coronavirus outbreak – Deadlines for two MEDIA Calls extended

As a result of difficulties experienced by applicants due to the coronavirus outbreak, deadlines for two MEDIA Calls have been extended till May.

Deadline for submission of applications to Promotion of European Audiovisual Works Online EACEA-23-2019 has been extended until May 5, while for Support to Festivals EACEA/26/2019 has been extended until May 21, 2020.

Within the specific objective of promoting transnational circulation, the Promotion of European Audiovisual Works Online scheme shall provide support to:
Action 1: Actions such as digital promotion, marketing, branding, tagging and development of new offers by existing VOD services offering a majority of European films. The aim of the action is to improve the visibility, discoverability and global audience of European audiovisual works;
Action 2: Collaboration across borders between European VOD services;
Action 3: Innovative strategies and online tools for the circulation, distribution and promotion of European audiovisual works, including audience development initiatives focusing on innovative and participatory strategies reaching out to wider audiences with European films.
Applicants submitting projects for different actions should provide separate applications for each action.

Film Festival Support Scheme provides support to film festivals presenting and promoting a diversity of European audiovisual works and aiming at increasing knowledge and interest of audiences in European audiovisual works.

Since this year, an additional action in favour of collaboration activities has been introduced. The call will be divided between Action 1 for individual support and Action 2 for networks of festivals. The new Action 2, with an additional dedicated budget of EUR 500.000 is targeting European Networks of Festivals taking place in countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme aiming to further develop effective collaboration and partnerships across borders and to elaborate strategies for joint activities in order to expand interest for European audio-visual works. This action is open to a European network comprising of a coordination entity and a minimum of 3 member organisations established in different participating countries.