Film Festival Support EACEA-26-2019


Within the field of promoting transnational circulation, one of the priorities of the MEDIA Subprogramme shall be to support audience development as a means of stimulating interest in and improving access to European audiovisual works in particular through promotion, events, film literacy and festivals.
The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support for the following measures:
– support initiatives presenting and promoting a diversity of European audiovisual works;
– support activities aiming at increasing knowledge and interest of audiences in European audiovisual works.

By audiovisual festival is understood an event:
• programming eligible films (fiction, documentaries or animation), that are being screened to wide audiences including general public as well as accredited international audiovisual professionals and press;
• taking place over a specific period of time, in a prior defined city;
• having a clear regulation/selection procedure.

A minimum of 70% of the eligible programming presented to the public during the festival OR a minimum of 100 feature films (or 400 short films – in case of short film festivals) must originate from countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme hereinafter referred to as “European Films”. Within this “MEDIA Sub-programme countries” programming:
· At least 50% of the films must be non-national.
· At least 15 such countries must be represented.

Changes in relation to previous calls:

An additional action in favour of collaboration activities has been introduced. The call will be divided between Action 1 for individual support and Action 2 for networks of festivals. The new Action 2, with an additional dedicated budget of EUR 500.000 is targeting European Networks of Festivals taking place in countries participating in the MEDIA Sub-programme aiming to further develop effective collaboration and partnerships across borders and to elaborate strategies for joint activities in order to expand interest for European audio-visual works. This action is open to a European network comprising of a coordination entity and a minimum of 3 member organisations established in different participating countries.