Automatic Support EACEA/27/2018


The aim of the “Automatic Scheme” is to encourage and support the wider transnational distribution of recent European films by providing funds to distributors, based upon their performance on the market, for further reinvestment in the promotion and distribution (including on-line) of new non-national European films.

The scheme also aims to encourage the development of links between the production and distribution sectors thus improving the competitive position of non-national European films and the competitiveness of European companies.

Note 1: All admissions must be certified by the Responsible National Authority. It is the responsibility of the distributor to have its admissions certified by the submission date. In absence of certification, admissions will be ineligible and no support will be awarded. These admissions will be published on the website of EACEA.

Note 2: The eligible direct costs for the action are those costs which, with due regard for the conditions of eligibility set out above, are identifiable as specific costs directly linked to the performance of the action and which can therefore be booked to it directly.

More information regarding this specific Call for proposal are available on EACEA webpage.

Please contact MEDIA desk Serbia if you need any help or assisstance regarding filling the documents