Automatic Support EACEA-22-2019


CALL FOR PROPOSALS – Support for the Distribution of non-national films – Distribution and Sales Agents – Automatic Scheme

The MEDIA Sub-programme shall provide support for establishing systems of support for the distribution of non-national European films through theatrical
distribution and on all other platforms as well as for international sales activities, in particular the subtitling, dubbing and audio-description of audiovisual works.

The support works in two phases:
1. The generation of a potential fund which will be calculated according to the performance of the company on the European market during the reference period.
2. The implementation of the action: the potential fund thus generated by each company must be reinvested in:
Action 1 – Support to Distributors
− the co-production of eligible non-national European films;
− the acquisition of distribution rights, for example by means of minimum guarantees, of eligible non-national European films; and/or in
− the release of eligible non-national European films.
Action 2 – Support to Sales Agents
− minimum guarantees or advances paid for the international sales rights on eligible non-national European films;
− the promotion, marketing and advertising on the market of eligible non-national European films

Changes in relation to previous calls:

In the 2020 call the Automatic Distribution and Sales Agent schemes will be merged into one single call with 2 separate actions. The scheme will function as in 2019: generation of an award based on past performance and reinvestment in eligible activities.

More information: MEDIA Desk Serbia and EACEA Creative Europe MEDIA