Deadline for applications: September 6

EAVE Marketing Workshop – November 5-10, 2019 (Luxembourg)

A five-days immersive Audience-focused workshop exploring 360º film marketing by gaining insight about the classic tools and the latest trends in Digital PR, social media management, digital marketing and Audience building.

EAVE offers a tailor-made workshop embracing the importance of marketing techniques and Audience-centered strategies. From this unique programme, through creative approach and group work, participants will gain concrete tools that can be applied within the team in today’s and tomorrow’s industry. This casual way of learning facilitates network and community building across countries from all over the world.

The 30 carefully selected participants will have a full overview of the actual marketing trades in terms of targeting and positioning from international sales strategies to national release and also generating awareness all across the release process including festivals.

Participants can apply with or without a project at any stage of production.

The workshop is targeted at producers as well as professionals working in sales, distribution and marketing departments.  Applications from related areas of the industry (e.g. regional and national funding institutions, film festivals and markets etc.) and from relevant trainers and consultants who want to innovate in their marketing techniques, are also welcome. The two groups that will be working during the entire workshop are balanced in terms of all the above-mentioned trades of the film industry in order to nourish as much as possible the different perspectives.

Application requirements and the application form can be downloaded here!

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